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At SOTSOS, our engineers create outstanding custom software solutions across a broad range of specifications and scopes. Experienced in software development, we bring you innovative ideas to optimize your business and get it firing on all cylinders.

Every business requires a unique approach to software and needs solutions that are catered to their precise workflow objectives, that fit in with their corporate organizational structure. SOTSOS provides software solutions to organizations and individuals in a wide range of applications: workflow automation, testing, integration. Our goal is to leverage the latest developments and enhancements in technology that will impact your organization where it matters most.

Tosca engine customization is an essential part of test case development, using Tricentis Tosca Test Management Suite. Tricentis Tosca supports a large number of technologies: HTML, Java, native Windows and many others. The team at SOTSOS practice Tosca engine customization, and as a Tricentis Certified Implementation Partner, our engineers will help you to customize the Tosca engine for your System under test.

When the routine Tosca scaffolding tasks are burdening our team and partners, we look for how can we automate this. Our extensive expertise in .NET stack allows us to find extraordinary solutions to automate what is already automated even further. We built a utility that automatically generates a Tosca modules package (the orange section), which also significantly accelerates the Tosca Specialists daily work.


Cost effective and creative, high-quality engineering services and solutions that are delivered by experts.

A persistent passion for performing perfectly. Agility and team spirit!

We listen to you and surpass your expectations at each and every stage of the project.

Our Solutions


Insurance Broker Helper

A web application that delivers the ability for both Brokers and potential customers to search for insurance offers, and perform a range of transactions online that includes incepting and accepting the policy. CRM integration and Outlook synchronization enable ease of management, allowing brokers to maintain their client base and keep their tasks transparent.