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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are transforming the way millions of people live, work and
conduct their business. With a customer-centric approach, SOTSOS delivers
high-quality mobile app solutions and services

Native or Hybrid .

Regardless of native or hybrid technology, we take care of both the quality of the code, the stability of the application, its security and performance.

Beautiful User Interface is not enough!

We are care about security of your applications thus always testing:

  • We optimize speed of application to make it as quick as possible
  • Stability of application one of our priorities, making your photos, uploading files or typing text
  • Scalability we can offer by offering cloud APIs
  • Security of Authentication/Authorization & Configuration, using best Cryptography, testing for Information Disclosure, Input Validation Handling issues, care about Personal/Sensitive Information Leakage etc.
  • We supporting and maintenance created applications providing fresh security fixes asap.

Our portfolio ↓


Insurance Broker Helper

A web application that delivers the ability for both Brokers and potential customers to search for insurance offers, and perform a range of transactions online that includes incepting and accepting the policy. CRM integration and Outlook synchronization enable ease of management, allowing brokers to maintain their client base and keep their tasks transparent.